Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineering is a branch of engineering which deals with the optimization of complex processes, systems, or organizations. Industrial engineers work to eliminate waste of time, money, materials, person-hours, machine time, energy and other resources that do not generate value. According to the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers, they create engineering processes and systems that improve quality and productivity.

Our team comprises qualified Electrical engineers, quality controllers, Research & Development, warehousing and packaging personnel and logistic personnels. All the team members work in coordination to achieve the goals of our organization as well as to maximize the level of satisfaction of our customers. Our quality controllers conduct various stringent tests on the products to offer a flawless range to our esteemed customers.

Industrial Engineering Services Offered in following areas:

  • Welding electrodes
  • Foam, Rexene & PU products
  • Instant adhesive
  • Welding consumables
  • Cutting & grinding wheels
  • Industrial power tools
  • Silicone sealant and gun
  • Drill bits
  • Bonded abrasives
  • Cold welding polymer compound
  • Personal safety equipment
  • High tensile nuts bolts
  • Cement Mill
  • LPG Plant
  • Composite Textile Mill
  • Edible Oil Refinery
  • Glass Sheet Factory
  • Drum Marketing Plant
  • Steel Re-rolling Mill
  • Cold Storage
  • Water Treatment Plant and Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Fish Processing Plant
  • Corn-wet milling plants
  • Soy bean processing
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Salt production plants
  • Oil refineries
  • Amino Acid facilities (such as Threonine, and Lysine)
  • Amino Sugar Production

Industrial Project Management Services

We don’t consult in an industry unless we have mastered its challenges and demonstrated improvements. In many cases, we have developed specific software solutions, project management protocols, and diagnostic equipment to streamline processes.

We leading the future of electrification with advanced technologies that distribute, protect and control. We provide customers, across various industries, with end-to-end product and service solutions that ensure the reliability and protection of the electrical infrastructure; from the power station to the end point and the sustainable power technologies in between